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Simple Homemade Treatments For Hair Loss And Shiny Hairs

There is no precise age limit for people to suffer from hair loss, it does not harm the health not to have hair instead if it so happens that we lose hair it is sure to add to our stress also resulting in depleting hairline.

Symptoms that indicate losing of hair include

• Falling of hair on frequent intervals

• Bald patches appear on the head mostly found in men

• When it comes to women their hair seems to get thinner if they lose hair

Causes which have been identified to result in hair loss are

• Stress on mind

• Weakness in the body

• People who suffer from anemia

• Improper nutrition practices

• Deficiency of Vitamin B6 and folic acid

• Scalp which is not clean blocks and weakens hair pores

• Other factors like hereditary problems

Remedies for hair loss can be easily prepared at home, among which a couple of them are given below:

Amla and Lemon juice

Ingredients to be used:

• De-seeded Indian gooseberry

• Lemon juice – 3 tbsp

De-seed the Indian gooseberry and cut it into a paste in order to make a paste out of which, from this paste extract the juice using a sieve.

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Now to this juice add 3 tbsp of lemon juice and mix well after which it has to be applied on the scalp to be left so for about 30 mins. After half an hour wash it off with normal water.

Curry leaves

Ingredients include:

• Curry leaves – 15 to 20

• Lemon peel – 1

• Soap nut powder – 3 tbsp

• Fenugreek seed – 2tbsp

• Green gram – 2 tbsp

Grind all the ingredients given above and store it up in a clean glass bottle, this mixture should be used as an alternative to chemical-based shampoo.

Margosa leaves

The only ingredient you will need for this treatment is a handful of crushed margosa or most commonly called neem leaves. These margosa leaves have to be boiled in 4 cups of water after which it has to be set aside to cool down, once it is cooled it has to be filtered and used in washing the hair.

Irrespective of the hair being long or short, women have a sole desire for shiny and smooth tresses; there is one thing which they tend to forget during this process is taking proper care of their hair.

Hair is one such part of the body that does not quickly adapt to the changes, even slight temperature change will have an adverse effect on it; hence it is suggested to take proper care of the hair especially when it comes to using something new directly on them.

The protein fibers extracted from the follicles present on the scalp result in hair hence it is suggested to provide good food to the body to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals to the hair. Get long shiny hair with properly organized hair care most of which have to be natural.

Conditioners for the hair can be prepared with ingredients available at home rather than the chemical-based ones, here we give you such natural hair conditioners:

Banana, Milk and honey


• Mashed banana – 1

• Egg – 1

• Milk – 3 tbsp

• Honey – 3 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients given above and apply on the scalp and the hair to be left on for about half an hour, after which it has to be rinsed with a very mild shampoo.

Eggs and olive oil

Ingredients used:

• Eggs – 2

• Olive oil – 5 tsp

Both the ingredients have to be correctly mixed and applied only on the scalp after which it has been left so for about 30 minutes to be washed away with a mild shampoo.

Apart from the natural conditioners given for hair there are specific other important tips which have to be followed in order to add extra shine to the tresses:

  1. This is the most critical point which has to be followed by one and all, allow your tresses to dry naturally after washing it rather than going with the use of a dryer for a faster process.
  2. If there is any need to use the hairdryer it is suggested to do so only when the hair is slightly damp and not completely wet.
  3. Comb hair regularly but has to be done very gently.

Final Words

By following the above steps you can easily stop losing your hair and if you want to shiny your hairs then these natural treatments are also helpful for you.

What do you think about this topic? Share your thoughts and experience of these treatments.

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